Saint Sebastian

The Five Ecstasies of Saint Sebastian by Kevin Hendley

Saint Sebastian Installation 

Kevin Hendley’s The Five Ecstasies of Saint Sebastian is a collection of five paintings that won a place at Towner Gallery’s Brewers International exhibition from 2022-2023.

Saint Sebastian is the patron saint against plague and illness, the patron saint of soldiers, archers and athletes and of those who desire a saintly death.  He is best known in art for striking images of his martyrdom, pierced by arrows.

“My five arrowless paintings of Saint Sebastian make up an installation entitled The Five Ecstasies of Saint Sebastian.

Each painting is lit up by red LEDs around the edge of the panel. Spotlights are activated for a set time to view and sit with the paintings. The lighting will give a sense of drama and theatre and is inspired by historic chapels across Europe where a sacred artwork is illuminated in a sanctum for a brief period for viewing and contemplation.

The work has been a two/three year project.  I undertook a long look into classical art, the purpose of saints, ancient urban legends, Roman legacy and a renewed interest into the classical male figure.  All this during the seclusion of the lockdown periods.

The paintings are ‘after’ five of my favourite images of Saint Sebastian:  Delaroche, Rubens, Ribera, Caravaggio and Guido Reni”.


Kevin Hendley won a place for this installation at the Towner Art Gallery in Eastbourne on the south coast of The UK.

BREWERS TOWNER INTERNATIONAL was from 15th October 2022 to 22 January 2023.


Towner Art Gallery
Eastbourne College Road
BN21 4JJ



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