Kevin Hendley (born 1961)

Kevin Hendley was born near Sheffield, son of a miner.

He came to painting after 10 years as a Master Butcher.  He achieved a Degree in Fine Art at St Martin’s College of Art, London  in 1993 and after being spotted at his end of year show, was instantly given the post of Artist-In-Residence at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden.

For many years Kevin was able to paint the day-to-day activities in the opera house:  performances, shows, Pavarotti in rehearsal to the final operatic production.  The paintings were printed on the front of the Royal Opera House brochures, on posters in the underground and he was given numerous exhibitions of his work in public spaces for concert goers.

Hendley’s first solo exhibition outside the Opera House was in Sue Williams’ gallery in Portobello Road, Notting Hill.  She exhibited Kevin’s work at the Islington Art Fair where one of the Coen Brothers purchased a painting!  Soon after that Kevin’s work was spotted by a famous Dutch gallery, Smelik and Stokking (Amsterdam/Hague).  His paintings have proved very popular with the Dutch public and Hendley has been a successful artist over there for more than twenty years.

Since moving to the Sussex coast, Kevin has been showing work with Cameron Contemporary in Hove, UK.  Kevin enjoys Cameron’s exhibition space and is also excited to be shown at many Art Fairs in London and around the UK.  Kevin’s work always sells well and he has earned many fans from the locality and beyond.


The Painter in his Studio

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